Elise and Stephen's wedding day - Summerhall, Edinburgh

From the Elephant House to Hotel du Vin and on to Summerhall, Elise and Stephen's wedding day was a unique, beautiful and joyful day. Emotions were high as Elise, in a stunning dress handmade by her mother, walked down the aisle to meet Stephen in the gorgeous surroundings of Edinburgh's old veterinarian school. Laughter and fun continued through the day and into the evening - the Master of Ceremonies sang 'It's not Unusual' to rapturous applause, but this day was far from usual in the best possibly way! I'm delighted my photo of the bets placed on how early the groom would need his bed saved the day when the sheet of paper was lost, but the dancefloor remained full and lively well into the night; I don't think anyone was planning on going home! A wonderfully happy day, truly reflecting the couple themselves. 

Neil WykesComment